Friday, June 17, 2011

Creem-I Hate You 7" (2011)

Rage: it's not the healthiest emotion in the world, but boyhowdy, it sure has spawned some razzledazzle hoohaw in our times!

It's almost high summer here in Rome, which means sweltering swamp heat, mosquito madness, and a malfunctioning, overcrowded public transit system full of fashionable idiots who don't wear deodorant. Creem is perfect for situations like these: when you absolutely, positively despise every motherfucker around you.

I'm no fan of the Boston violence junkies that Creem is indebted to musically, but I am a fan of this 7" from the good folks at Katorga Works. Behold! Two slow, driving tracks with grinding Oi intros that are the perfect soundtrack for beating up your best friend 'cause you caught him with a beer...or just stomping around in an impotent rage, gen'ly speakin'.

NYC is spitting 'em out like hotcakes these days-Natural Law, Nomos, Crazy Spirit, Accept the Darkness 'zine, and now Creem.
So do yercelf a favor and HB stomp the night away, pardner! Then, getcher hands on the real deal!

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