Sunday, June 26, 2011

Contaminators-No Friends 7" EP (2007)

 *Edit, 12.13.13: Re'upped the file again, so get it here.*

 *Edit, 8.3.12: I re-upped the file; you can now get it here.*

Those of you who were hangin' round in Chicago in the mid-'00s are probably familiar with the '77 Street Punks, a bunch of white-denim rockin' dweebs who took Sid Vicious/Johnny Thunders worship to extremes only attainable by kids who grew up in subdivisions. Having to worry about getting jumped by these morons whenever I went out 'cause I liked Crass definitely turned me off to the Noow Yawk, junkie blooz side of punk that these louts venerated, and I only recently started coming around to this stuff (The music, that is. Junkies are fucking horrible creatures. If you don't believe me, try going for a walk at 11 pm in my neighborhood).

  Enter the Contaminators, a Bakersfield, CA duo who bashed out some pretty sweet riffage ca. 2007-'09. The recording quality is so shitty on this thing, the first time I heard it I wasn't sure there was any drumming on the first track-the vocal and guitar tracks are blown through the fucking ceiling. Don't let that stop you, though. These guys had the swaggering petulance of Mssrs. Johansen, Bators, et. al. down to a "T" as in "Thunders." The song titles tell you what you're in for: "Human Mess," "Closet Junkie," "Sick Fixation." So if you're down in the dumps of the sort that require glorious two-note solos as accompaniment, pop on the Contaminators and nod out.

I think this is still available from Blackwater.
Up next: some Heavy Times, Raincoats, and a few surprises. Mebbe.

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