Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dead Eyes-demo (2011)

In the spirit of full disclosure, Dead Eyes' drummer, Max, is also my partner in crime here at Drug Punk. But where, I ask you, would punk rock be without blatant cronyism?., well, better not ask yourself that question, actually....

A coupla years ago, I had jaw surgery and got copious amounts of liquid Valium. Boy Scout that I am, most of this candy fell into my friends' hands. I left them alone one night with the bottle of Valium and a bag of weed. When I returned, I found them plastered to my friend's porch swing; they had dipped their joints in Valium. Movement was not on the agenda that evening.
  This demo might be the result of boiling that evening down to musical form. That might sound like criticism, but stoner sludge in all forms is preemo primo stuff for us here at Drug Punk. Sludgy like what'd happen if your postpunk band popped some Xanies before covering Mission of Burma's "Outlaw": there are fast parts, but they're jerky-twitchy, not thrashy. The singer has a hollow, high-pitched yowl that comes close to AIDS Wolf at times, which suits the cavernous mix quite well.

So anyways, if yer havin' a barbiturate bomber of night, give Dead Eyes a spin! And buy the real deal when they're out! Yeah!

Dead Eyes is playing' up and down the West Coast this summer, so keep checking in your humble narrators at Drug Punk for news.

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  1. hey my bands from portland played with y'all and knify spoony last year and i wanted to see if we could put something together this aug. send me and email at please. i can't figure out how to fine your contact info on line. (ktel79 and best supporting actress(now fine pets)) thank you!