Friday, June 24, 2011

Population-demo (2010)

Thinking it was Thursday evening here in Rome, I was going to write something longer about Population, but then I found out it's Friday, which means I have a date with my good friend Limoncello, so this'un's a quick'un.

Population and their brethren band, Ultratumbados, were just getting started when I moved away from Chicago a few years ago, and I remember playing both bands for people on the West Coast only to be told that they were in fact Paralysis Permanente. I'm not making this up. Infer from that what you will, point is, Population excels at the sort of downcast, eyeshadow-drenched post-punk so popular with the youth these days. The stand out track here is "Waltzing a War," with a delightfully understated synth line punctuating the funeral procession riddim.
 So throw on that black raincoat, lace up your twenty-eye black docs, and groove to the gloom! Peeps 'em live if you're in Chicago.

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