Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pink Reason-By a Thread 7" (2007[?])

 "Dope is just pot for people who wanna be hardcore"-Kevin Failure

've you ever had one of those nights where you go to bed at 5 am and wake up at 8 am 'cause you're still so drunk that you not only can't get to bed, but can't even lie on your back without getting the 'spins?
  This little three-song baby is the soundtrack to the day following that night. The first song, "by a thread," is tinny, relentless, and catatonic to the point that the only appropriate response is to sit there in a drunken stupor, numbly nodding along to the bangclang in yer brain.

"The Devil Always Wins" is pretty much our anthem over here at Drug Punk. For a guy whose work ostensibly owes so much to Russian punk, Kevin Failure fucking nails the sort of acapella Delta Blues stomp you'd expect to hear on one of those Smithsonian Angola Work Camp comps. Play this one when noon strikes and you're just sober enough to start piecing together how many friendships you destroyed last night.
   "Down on Me" returns to the abject, thudding spiral of "By a Thread." There's an element of warmth to this song though-maybe its the Vicodin inertia of Kevin Failure's voice. Then around 2:45 the whole song temporarily shifts into scroll-saw hell before settling back down into its static haze.
    So if you're having one of those Sunday mornings where you don't even want to be able to put together a coherent thought for fear of what you'll remember, throw "By a Thread" on and revel in your own slime.

A cheap holiday in other peoples' misery.

*EDIT, 9.15.12: I reup'd the file. Download BAT HERE. *

This thing is long out of print. But check out this interview! 

Then, mosey on over to the good folks at Siltbreeze, and buy Pink Reason's magnum opus, Cleaning the Mirror.

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