Friday, July 29, 2011

Women in Prison-demo CS (2011)

This is Kickboy Face music. Women in Prison sound nothing like Catholic Discipline, but every syllable, every note this band produces has an all-knowing sneer in it-they might be kinda retarded, but somehow the joke's always on you. "Reaction" has the best punk drumming I've heard in recent years, bludgeoning you into acquiescence.

These guys totally woulda loved Women in Prison, if only they weren't listening to cockrock Aerosmith trash. Women in Prison is so fucking awesome, I'd totally buy 'em a 12-pack of Milwaukee's Best and not even ask for one!

God save your mad parade. Dudes have a facebook page. There's a 7" out, too-check out the masturbatory writeup, then buy it, here. Rock out, Wayne. Ups to Robert at Terminal Escape, from whom I think I got this thing.

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