Saturday, July 23, 2011

Raw Nerve-Nervous Habits Cassingle (2011)

Northwest Indiana, aka the (other) Mistake by the Lake, is a wretched post-industrial sinkhole full of trash, industrial refuse, and decaying factories. No wonder, then, that it's produced some of the most interesting and/or psychotic bands in the Chicago area-Duress and Raw Nerve, especially.

The boys haven't lost a step since last I heard them on the 2010 Youth Attack! LP. The first track is the usual blur of squealing rage, but the other two slow things down a bit and frankly, this is my favorite RN material to date. The guitar lead on "Strychnine" is in lockstep with a relentless drumbeat-dare I say it, Raw Nerve is venturing off into the realm of droning drugpunk first charted by the Stooges on that song about dogs.
    When there's no future, how can there be sin? Raw Nerve tour dates include the NYC gig on the flyer, TOMORROW JULY 24th. GO! They'll be selling copies of the new "Midnight" 7" on tour and, given that it's a YA! release, it'll be gone before they get to your town.

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