Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weird TV-demo CS (2010)

Boyhowdy, readers, it's been a helluva week here at Drug Punk headquarters, which temporarily resided at a decaying 17th-century convent.
 So to celebrate our return to the modern world, I present you with Weird TV's demo. The last time I was in Olympia, we spent most of the time sitting around on my friend's couch doing whatever shitty drugs a steady trickle of visitors brought over, complaining about the rain. There were vague plans to go to a party at some place called the Funny Farm, but the cops busted it up right quick. By the time the sun came out, we were such paralyzed putzes that all we could do was drink more Rolling Rock and watch "Class of '84" until we passed out.

  It's too bad I didn't have this demo with me, as it's the perfect accompaniment to doing bad drugs on a rainy Olympia day. The singer's petulant, bograt bawl barely rises above the muddy, mucky mix but it has a snidely endearing quality to it when audible. The music ambles along at a drudgy tempo, with sweet guitar leads that never really go anywhere, and 1-2 1-2-3-4 bass lines worthy of Dee Dee. These are excellent jams for numbly nodding along in a seasonal affective disorder- and bad whiskey-induced haze...and in that state, you won't even realize that they covered a Them song!
   Get into it. I'm guessing this thing's long gone, but they have a 7" EP on M'Lady Records. Hype 'em before Vice Magazine does!

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