Sunday, July 24, 2011

86 Mentality-self-titled EP (2004)

I was having a pretty good Sunday evening, watching paint dry as I always do when on vacation, when I read this. Now I sorta feel like dustin' off these "maniacs on pedestals," as Warcry put it. Barring a Reign of Terror, blasting 86 Mentality is a good outlet for impotent rage.

The opener is one of the best hardcore punk tunes of the '00s. The intro is perfect for slamming from one of the room to the other, and the singer's first bark is actually startling. "Life Trap" is how I'm feeling these days about the future for the States: "they fucked you, they fucked me/no way out..." From there on in 86 Mentality delivers blazing Oi based around a razor-wire guitar and sharp drumming.

All crimes are paid! It looks like this is out of print, but you can still pick up the "Final Exit" 7" over at Grave Mistake Records.

*EDIT, 11.22.12: Re'up'd the file. Get it HERE. *

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