Friday, July 22, 2011

Teens-S/T LP (2011)

In my June Alright Alreadies review, I griped  about how fuzzed out so many neo-garage/surf pop records are these days. Perhaps it's the halflife of that whole shitgaze thing-drenching your record in feedback and distortion until all the melodies and guitar lines are somewhere up the producer's ass.

Boise, Idaho's Teens don't make that mistake, and it goes a long way towards making their debut(?) something I'll be spinning into September. It's not exactly the most original thing to grace my speakers, but if you're looking for that on a blog called "Drug Punk," frankly that's your problem, not mine. The first half of "Teens" is mostly the sort of monotone clunk that made these guys so awesome, played on slightly better equipment. The singer has the incoherent, 60s garage-singer mumble down pat, making the lyrics blur into the tuneful fuzz. The Standells they ain't, but then, who is, deeze days?
   We're the flowers in the dustbin. Support Teens here. Not too much info on them, but hopefully they'll be makin' more noise soonish.

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