Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pink Reason-Winona 7" (2008)

    The songs on "Winona" are crude even by PR standards-"Winona" is a few strummed guitar chords accompanied by  a drummer playing only the snare and hi-hat. I don't want to make this comparison, but it evokes the same mood as "Something in the Way:"the melancholy of twilight on a crisp November day. "Letting Go," is sort of a meeting point between "Winona" and the static flurry of "Give Yourself Away:" a single keyboard note punctuating agonizingly slow guitar-drums clatter. Kevin Failure's voice is inert, simply "watching it happen," as Bardo Pond said.
    Kevin Failure's songs resonate with me on several levels, but it's their fundamental, at times embarrassing, honesty that I most respect: the music on this 7" is about as animated as a heroin overdose, but you get the sense that this, and only this, is what Kevin and Shaun Failure were capable of expressing at this particular point. Honesty of that sort is pretty fuckin' rare in music these days.

Your future.  Woodsist Records doesn't include "Winona" in its roster, so I'm guessing it's out of print, but you can probably dig up a copy via ebay. Check Pink Reason's tour dates and come out on the 20th, 21st and 22nd if you're in Germany or the Czech Republic. And pick up the new LP,  Shit in the Garden! I won't be posting the LPs because they're still readily available, and this dude really deserves some support (he's doing research for a book on Siberian punk, f'chrissakes!

*Edit, 1.21.13: Reup'd the file, get it here.

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