Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Piresian Beach-s/t EP (2010)

The flophouse I've been crashing at for the last few days is called Poopy Pants. Given the serious disconnect between reality and my current condition, I figured some drugged down, fucked up Hungarian shitpsych was in order.

There's a hazy, phantasmic quality to these songs. Despite a bruising, dominant drum track on every song, the EP is rather free-form. The keyboard/drum beat of "Lost" swaggers along, with the Zsofia's husky voice just strong enough to sustain it.

"Lazy" opens with a stuttering kick drum and shimmering guitar notes. Zsofia's at the bottom of the Coral Sea, with the guitar swirling in and out of focus. It's what smoking hash on Tahiti must be like: everything is so pretty, this must be a dream, right?
Then the frenzied, moaning synth note and pummeling beats of "Filthy Dreams" drag you through the late-night scuzz. Throw it on to accompany sloppy, sweaty fucking after a hot August night of drinking cheap gin and popping any and all pills come your way...gross, but kinda fun!

Don't be told what you need! This very talented lady has a new album, "Fuck Your Mind," out; check out her bandcamp page for samples of it. No idea of how to acquire a physical copy of this EP, try emailing her at the address given on the bandcamp page.

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