Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Canadian Rifle-Facts 7" (2010)

Canadian Rifle is one of my favorite Chicago bands. I've spent many a winter night, Goose Island in hand, hollering along to them in filthy basements filled to capacity with fellow disgusting, sweaty drunk folks.

Canadian Rifle is the perfect accompaniment to wasting a summer's night in a bar, nursing whiskey: fast punk rock replete with offhand guitar riffs and Jake's trademark ashtray croon. The recording is more raw than on their previous efforts; CR loses nothing in the change.

'cos tourists are money ...You can and should buy the fucker over at Residue Records. These guys have been around for forever (well, Nick's my age, but whatever)-check out their previous bands: 4th Rotor, Ambition Mission, Hostage Situation, blahblahblah.

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