Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brilliant Colors-Introducing LP (2009)

If it wasn't so fucking hot here in Bologna, I might be dancing to this thing. Brilliant Colors has been around for a few years now; on this, their first LP, they managed the difficult feat of producing a punk LP that has a uniform sound, without boring the shit out of the listener. It's sugary not saccharine, and definitely hearkens back to the first wave of '60s garage punk, without slavishly imitating any one band.

 The standout tracks here are "Over There," from their first EP, and "Mythic," with a menacing guitar line that sticks with me even though I've only heard it when drunk. My main complaint with the album is that on most of the tracks, the guitar is mixed so loudly that the drums and bass are only intermittently audible.

The closer, "Should I Tell You," also found on their first EP, is probably the all-around tune on "Introducing." It showcases the guitar-vocal harmony pairing that makes Brilliant Colors effective, and feels like the culmination of the LP (by which I mean, you wouldn't fast forward to this if listening to it on CD).

God save the Queen  "Introducing" is still available from Slumberland Records, along with Brilliant Colors' subsequent 2010 EP and 2011 LP, "Again and Again." Support some very talented ladies! Be sure to catch 'em live if you live in the Bay Area, I've heard they're fantastic.


  1. hey. what's yr email? i wanna send some stuff to you and see if you dig it, i like your tastw! excellent stuff man--pink reason, grob, pigeon religion are all some of the best shitt a human can hear. love what yr doing. wanna know where i can talk at ya.

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