Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy Spirit-I'm Dead 7" EP (2011)

I didn't want to post this, since it came out two months ago and Crazy Spirit is currently king shit of the DIY scene, making this readily available on the 'net. But goddamn! Since picking this up yesterday it's all I've been spinning (well, besides ABBA, but that's between me and those Swedes...).

The bizarrely superb drumwork; Walker's tortured gremlin snarl; the perfectly-timed, minimal guitar solos. All these set CS apart, But there's an undefinable something to Crazy Spirit such that they excel. Maybe the stars are simply aligned properly, but I don't get sick of them despite heavy listening over several months.

"I'm Dead" continues the strain of their first 7", but "This World is Not my Home" takes them a step beyond. Opening with a wash of white noise, the song really starts with CS's famous "galloping horses in the pit" drumming: here, a stutter-step beat crashing forward into a tale of existential alienation. I dunno if it's actually an old blues standard, but Walker nails the vocal phrasing and the guitar sounds like Blind Lemon Jefferson on amphetamine.
The other two songs are good, too, but "This World" is the centerpiece, and shows just how audacious Crazy Spirit is. What's next, a crust opera double 10"? I can't wait! England's dreaming! BUY HERE!!! from Mata La Musica Discos. Big ups to ICDT blog, from whom I learned that this thing existed.

*EDIT, 9.20.12: REUP is HERE.*

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  1. I can't help but wonder if "This World Is Not My Home" is an old song or if they based it on a slogan on their tour tshirts from last year. Either way, awesome record and band.