Friday, August 5, 2011

Brett Naucke-Southern California CS (2010)

Somewhere in an 1970s interview with Lester Bangs, Captain Beefheart compared his music to sculpture, and said that he created music with a sculptor's vocabulary, not that of a musician.

Similarly, it seems appropriate to describe this cassette-only release as if it were a painting:
"Southern California" unfolds like a medieval triptych. The first tracks sketch out the ambience. A sense of expectant calm pervades the music until "Clouded Sky:" "Valley" conjures up someone watching a sunset from a California mountaintop, hemmed in by sea and desert.

Things get fuckin' weird in the second panel, with "Clouded Sky:" continuing the triptych, the saved are being sorted out from the damned and things are starting to get evil[...] Ok, enough of this nonsense. This is a great accompaniment to your August roadtrip, or, if you're me, sitting in bed day-dreaming 'cause Bologna's too damn hot.

God saves... This is long out of print from Arbor Records, but Brett runs his own awesome label, Catholic Tapes, one of my favorite Chicago labels.

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