Friday, August 12, 2011

Birth Deformities-Demo CS (2011)

 To celebrate my return to the U.S. of A., I'm posting something quintessentially Amerikuhn...

... brash, willfully ignorant, and mildly offensive. Bring on Birth Deformities, Chicago's newest vomiterrific offering from the Culo (blogger won't let me enter an umlauted "u") kids.

These swaggering young deformities offer a heaping dose of snotty midtempo punk. The instruments are mixed at the same volume, which lends more weight to the galloping, tight drumwork, especially on the opener "You're Deformed." The "Never Again"-style guitar work really comes to the fore on "My Walls," while it's hard not to chant along to the closing vocals on "Hate Group"...oh, and the breaking glass/giggling burbling closeout is rad, too.

BD's lastfm page says they're hellbent on "ignoring their town's PC bent," which makes no sense to me-Chicago's never had the sort of uptight, self-righteous PC gestapo element found in DC or San Francisco; if anything, retarded, apolitical lunkheads usually dominate the field. But whatever, it's actually more PR to spazz out about imaginary scene problems than real existing ones, right? Party on, Wayne!

There's no future for you! Cowabunga Records seems to be sold out of the cassette, but drop the good folks at Narrow Mind blog (from whence I stole the demo and picture) a line and they should have some kicking around. Anarchy in the USA!

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