Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weed Hounds-Beach Bummed 7" EP (2010)

This EP reminds me of Slacker. "Beach Bummed" and "Skating away from the Cops" drift along in a pleasantly stoned blur, much like the denizens of Austin, Tx. ca. 1990.
  Weed Hounds get better at the soft/loud, slow/fast dynamic with every recording. Opening with a few shimmering chords, "Beach Bummed" is a charming summertime tune. The singer's airy lament for boyfriend blooz nicely frames the squallingly harmonic guitar.  The fuzzy haze is great for smoking a blunt by the seaside, watching sailboats and life slide by.

"Skating Away from the Cops" has a bit more forward momentum to it, and  is awesome cool kid makeout music (Kevin Johnson, get in line). It has all the essential shoegaze elements: a wash of mildly harsh feedback, chiming drumwork, spritely man, where's that MDMA?

 There's no future Check out the Hounds' website for shows, news, etc. The Beach Bummed 7" is still available from Iron Pier. Also, Weed Hounds is supposed to be dropping an LP on Katorga Works sooooonnnnnnn!

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