Monday, August 22, 2011

Heavy Times-Dead LP (2010)

Boyhowdy, boppers,  is this a departure from the Priority Male Rex cassette I reviewed back in June, Sick Listens!
Whereas said cassette was a freeform jumble of tunes, "Dead" is a fucking statement. Starting out with the wicked bad raditude of "Welcome to the Graveyard," the Times immediately lurch into a different key with the lite crooner "Poison Ivy". The LP grooves its way towards the epic freakout jam of "Dead Lake," where all of Heavy Times' druggy brilliance is on display.

 Shit is fuckin' crucial, man. Perfect for sex on a mixture of Valium and Adderal. Totally.
...she ain't no human being!  "Dead" is still available from Permanent Records. Look out for a new Heavy Times LP in the near future-pop over to Tiny Grooves for a preview.

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