Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rosenkopf-Dispiritualized CS (2011)

As most of you know, cold wave, deathpunk, and all things vaguely cold, melancholic, chilly, and synth'd to the nines is in vogue these days. Most bands stripmining the early 1980s for stolen sounds go straight for Joy Div, Brigade Internationale, Chromagain, and such Eurosounds for "inspiration." The result is pretty hit or miss.

Lately, however, some bands have started stripmining American stylings such as WaxTrax et. al. for said inspiration, and Rosenkopf does it pretty well. "Dispiritualized" offers four tracks of synth-heavy, glacial misery. "Burning Spirits" is built around monotonously fixating synth lines and handclaps, with echoy, reverbed howls; the live mix is even more agonizing. "Heed" is similarly numbing, in the way that too many nights spent chainsmoking and staring meditatively at David Lynch movies is.

Anyways, Rosenkopf would fit in well with recent heavy hitters such as Cemetery or Crimson Scarlet. As it happens, they're playing Chaos in Tejas on the Ice Age/Xeno & Oaklander bill. Any cute goth girls who wanna do the deathdance with me, consider yourself cordially invited. I'll bring the beer, you bring the mirth.

Listen to it here. Check out Rosenkopf's website for info on the Chaos bill, show flyers, etc. Rosenkopf's debut LP is dropping on the 15th, which you can purchase at WIERD REX.

*Edit, 10.18.13: I re-up'd the file, so get it here. *

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