Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Post Teens-s/t EP (2011)

This is undoubtedly my favorite recording to ever issue from Gainseville, Florida (although that says as much about my disgust with the No Idea scene as anything else).

Post Teens smash through six songs in about seven minutes on their debut EP. Song topics include sitting around smoking weed, wearing black jeans, and not liking people. I can totally relate to all three of those topics! Awesome!

Musically the Post Teens stick to basics: direct, bludgeon-like guitar riffs pushed to the front of the mix, thundering drums, and snotty, snarled vocals that perfectly suit the snide teenager persona the band perfectly encapsulates.

Crack a beer, get on yr skateboard, and go ride the halfpipe, or beat up a hippy: Post Teens is a great soundtrack to either one of these activities.

You can buy the EP here.
*edited, 6.26.12: Apparently the download link didn't work. Post Teens doesn't have a bandcamp page, so in lieu of anything else, here's a live set:*
Check it out:

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