Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teen Suicide-Goblin Problems EP (2012)

From its crudely-drawn cover to the Ramonesesque ramalama bambam of the music, Teen Suicide's three-song EP is probably the funnest thing I've heard all June.

"Goblins cry too" is sunny blitzkrieg bop that tears by in a flash: guitar and drums are sync'd up perfectly, and the beat reminds me of the Go-Gos, for some reason. The vocal harmonies don't hurt the sunny feel, either. "Hayden's getting a ddr pad" is punk-by-numbers: fast, blurry, bratty 3-chord schlock. "I wanna be a witch" is the unexpected gem here: gently-strummed acoustic guitar, tambourine, and muffled, sad bastard vocals give this EP a depth it would otherwise lack, and moves this duo beyond the wound up garage punk they excel at. It really reminds me of the last track on Sonic Death's most recent EP.

You can download the EP for free on bandcamp. Check out the previous two Teen Suicide releases, too, while yr at it. Rock on!

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