Sunday, June 3, 2012

YK Decay-Rasah do Cangkamanaaan demo (2012)

Yogyakarta City, Indonesia's YK Decay wears their influences on their sleeves (YK Decay...UK Decay...clever, yeh?) while thrashing through 8 tunes of ugly, minimally recorded punk on their demo.

In a time when "lofi" has become a genre more than a sound-by-necessity, YK Decay is a reminder that basic recording isn't always a chic nod to the trend of the moment. There's nothing separating the listener from the band: squalling guitars and a howling singer fight with ram-bam beats, and I don't know if there's any bass.

The singer sounds like the dude from Raw Nerve: talk-screaming over the band, he might as well be having a shouting match with someone in the street. The music is basic street punk that usually falls apart into noise towards the end of each track. "Urepmu Ra Seru!!!" stands out for its sick, bugs-crawling-across-yr-skin guitar solo towards the end.

You can listen to the demo on YK Decay's bandcamp page, here.

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