Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alone & Forsaken XVII(?): Tomorrow Never comes

So I'm alive and will be resuming regular posting soon. Work, school, and other such grown up endeavors have been precluding my usual levels of stupidty and/or ranting. In the meantime, have fun (or not) listening to this assemblage of tunes I put together awhile ago for a certain someone. Whatever.

1. Buzzcocks-Orgasm Addict
2. Marine Girls-In Love
3. J&M Chain-In Love
4. Sonic Death- [Cyrillic]
5. Dirty Beaches-North East Station
6. Xeno & Oaklander-Toho Picture
7. Carol-Breakdown
8. Led Er Est-Drosophilia Melanogaster
9. No Words-Futile Research
10. High Highs-Flowers Bloom
11. Velvets-I'm Set Free (Closet mix)

Get it here.

In case yr wondering, the title is from a very bad track by Jus Allah, who I loved listening to while smoking blunts back in high school.

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