Sunday, March 3, 2013

Busó-Five Songs 'Til the Spring Wakes Our Hearts Up EP (2013)

 Opening with a sparkle of gusting synth, Buso's

second EP starts off on just the note expected for an EP released in February. The ambient hush of "My Summer Camp" segues into "Sweet Clouds Will Blind Me," which is another inert, almost static, piece of warmth slowly forcing itself through glacial gloom to take a place somewhere close to your heart, or what's left of it.

This EP confirms the promise of Buso's debut EP, "3E."His work reminds me of early-Oughts ambient heroes such as Mum, Sigur Ros, et. al., minus the histrionic, slightly saccharine self-consciousness of above-said acts. Those bands had a sort of aloof, ethereal distance to them, whereas this guy's music is up close and personal-no doubt due to the lo-fi recording.  The heavily processed guitar  is fantastic, conjuring up the icy remoteness of Latvia; followed by "Lie Down," it kinda makes me wanna smile through the ice.
Anyway, the hollow, tunneled out synthwave vibe that made Buso's debut EP a success is at work here. But dude's gone back to the drawing board, studied up on his computer programs, maybe scooped out a bit more of the iron ore of anomie at the center of his heart, and produced a bit of music I'll be listening to for quite a while. I recommend you do the same.
Get into it!

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