Friday, March 22, 2013

Toddi Wellman-Yeah! Lp (Cocktail Pueblo, 21013)

Back in business for the first time in a long time and broadcasting live from Crescent City, N'aleans...i.e. New Orleans, you idiots.

Anyway, figured I should kick off regular reviews with Toddi Weilman's latest, a weird, spaced out collection of space-and-or-kraut-rock-jams that goes by "Yeah!" This is a collection of sedate, totally weirded out wastoid rock. I've listened to this LP wasted on whiskey and weed for two days straight and still can't give it the "Stoner jams" approval rating, but that's probably a good thing-my room mate is a bona fide hippy, and all she listens to is techno garbage-so whatever.

Toddi Weilman, in any case, dishes out twelve tracks of heavily repetition-oriented garage slop on this LP. each song focuses in obsessively on a single riff, chord arrangement, rhythmic pattern, whatever...and then just stays in said pattern, til the cows come home. I listened to this before wandering around on Bourbon Street and when I got back, and it was a lot more interesting than said Bourbon Street. You'll dig it. Trust me. Whatever.

Hang out with Todi Weilman HERE!

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