Saturday, April 13, 2013

Look! Pond-CS (2005)

When I was younger, my friends and I enjoyed drinking 40 ounces of malt liquor and stealing bicycles. We finished off many a night by riding said bicycles into the lagoon and/or lake near our neighborhood and then smoking a blunt to commemorate our victory over fratboys and bike owners in general. Most of us were unemployed during this particular period, so owning a bike constituted a major strike against you in the adolescent class war being waged at the time. In print, this sounds childish, churlish, and any other manner of demeaning adjectives you can throw at it. It was. So fucking what?

Around the same time, Matt Kennedy of Kitchen's Floor fame and other n'er do-wells were recording this four-track bit of impotent rage out in the suburbs of Brisbane. It's a shame I wasn't on the Interwebs more back then 'cause this woulda been the perfect soundtrack to such inspired stupidity as described above. Mostly what I was listening to back then was a truly perverted mixture of Wu-Tang, Mars, and Bad Brains. Go figure.

What you get here is four tracks of sometimes-angry, mostly spiteful noise that always sounds a bit too intelligent and/or well-written to be the slice of hatred that it masquerades as. Of course, Matt went on to do Kitchen's Floor, which fleshes out a lot of the promise buried away beneath piles of synth goop and puerile anger here. But fuck it: these are four noise tracks I can happily blast at midnight while guzzling cheap red wine and feel completely happy with. Most noise I was listening to around 8 years ago ain't got that goin' for it.

Matt's such a nice guy he's posted the Look! Pond corpus for free download here.

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