Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yellow Spots-s/t LP (2013)

I'm pretty sure this one would make more sense if I spoke, or at least understood, Magyar. My guess is that Yellow Spots is absurdist anarchist rock theater in the grand tradition of bands like World/Inferno Friendship Society. Come to think of it, I haven't heard any other bands that sound like WIFS or Yellow Spots, so I guess it's more a feeling or state of mind that makes em equate the two. In fact the only thing the two bands have in common is that the have a brass section.

Whatever, Yellow Spots plays jaunty, up-beat music that sorta sounds like what'd happen if Jello Biafra took over a cabaret band after the audience is so fucked up on Sazeracs that it can't tell the difference. This would allow said band to slip in clever dissent in an otherwise downbeat sound. I don' tknow where I'm going with this metaphor (allegory? I flunked high school English), but there's a strong sense of the absurd running straight through this record. This is music meant to be played in public, preferably with a large audience. 90% of that audience is confused-tending-towards-hostile-tending-towards-calling-the-cops, 5% is amused and interested, and 5% is converted immediately. What that 5% will do with being so into Yellow Spots is really anyone's guess. I can't really wrap my head around music featuring so much brass (hence all the metaphors), but one thing I gotta say about Yellow Spots: if American punks had as much humor as this lot does, punk shows in the States might be worth going to as something other than a cult ritual.

Either way, you should check out Yellow Spots. I hafta repeat that this probably will make more sense if you're Hungarian and/or are familiar with Hungarian politics, but throw this fucker on when you're having a gin 'n' tonic party and maybe you'll get laid. Who knows.

Hang out with Yellow Spots over here.

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