Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Psychic Blood-Drrrty 7" (2013)

A'ight kitty-cats, you got yr Black Flags, yr Sonic Youths, yr Huskers, Du or otherwise...but do you have Psychic Blood? Yeah, that's right, I ripped off Lester Bangs almost word for word, mutatis mutandis, there. Whatever, fuck you, with this release Psychic Blood should capture your eardrums if they haven't already and only let go once they've been dropped in a disgusting sewage pit of epic proportions. I'm thinking the Cloaca Maxima, but if yr not that grandiose then tunnels under Paris is just fine, too. We can't all be Romans, after all.

On this, their vinyl debut, Psychid Blood has really come into their own. That antiquated syntactical construction hides my declarative statement: This is the best Psychic Blood release yet. I still don't know what the hell these goofballs is talkin' 'bout vis-a-vis their band name, but holy hell is this 2-song EP a lotta fun! The opening notes of "Drrrty" had me thinking of some disgusting cross-fucking of Shoppers and Teenage Jesus & the Jerks but then it opens up onto the snide noise punk/stoner anger you've always associated this band with. Singerdude sounds as snide as any SoCal punk vocalist ca. 1981 (Tony Cadena, Dez Cadena, dude from Agent Orange, whatever), but the band is as heavy and offensively competent as a hairmetal band from L.A....well, ca. 1981. The point-and I may not have one-is that "Drrrty" is a fun song for getting wasted to. The bassline that opens "Bed Head" is so crudely sincere it coulda been stolen from Kitchen's Floor. But, again, the band belies the initial teaser: this is high-flyin', low-divin', disgustingly lewd gunkfuckrock for those of us who only screw when it can be done in a public toilet. Shrill guitar leads, snarled vocals, trembling bass lines. Get into it, shitbirds.

Buy the real deal over at Nerve Hold Records.

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