Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lowtronik: Cuts, Edits, Versions LP (2013)

I was gonna review this album sober, but then I got in an argument with one of my best friends about the evils (joys) of drugs. Out of pure nihilistic spite towards my well-intentioned friend, however, I popped 2 Xanax and drank a bottle of red wine before spinning this. So let's see how far I can get before passing out in a pool of wine and my own drool....

Turns out it was a good decision, since down-tempo electronica* is perfect for sitting still and watching the world go about its business while taking no part in it. This is a compilation of several years' worth of odds and ends from Lowtronik, a fixture of the indie electro scene in Greece.** I'm told that it's trip-hop, whatever that is.  It's pretty much perfect for a lazy summer afternoon when it's too hot to go out and you just wanna chainsmoke and drink gin 'n' tonics. 

The album starts with "Interlude 128," which could be a Deathgrips outtake, minus the annoyingly shrill rapping. Most of these tracks are so chilled out they're almost catatonic, the exception being "Hungry." The taut, massive beat is mixed all the way forward and stomps all over yr eardrums. My favorite cut is "Weekend Mellotron." The vocals are mixed a bit too high, but the beat is expansive and breezy, complemented perfectly by clusters of synthesizer notes. It feels like a complete track Lowtronik would play in the club, instead of a sketch he's still editing and trimming. 

Reality is starting to turn into a blurry gray splotch as I finish up this review, and "in a slow (tempo)," the LP's closer, is just right for a head full of pills and a stomach full of wine. Before I pass out, I'll encourage you to check this thing out, even if you don't dig electronic music, typically (I'm assuming that's most of my regular readership). 

You can listen to the LP and download it for free at here. Physical copies will be available soon from DNA Records. Lowtronik has his own website, too. 

 *I don't know a thing about musical terminology, let alone electronic music, so for my purposes "down tempo" means what you'd listen to at the end of the night, instead of what's playing while you're huffing coke and dancing (is that what people do at clubs?). 

**With due apologies to denizens of Thessaloniki and Patras, I assume that mostly means Athens.

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