Monday, July 29, 2013

Vaguess-s/t LP (2013)

If you hate Vaguess, you're a stupid asshole who hates rock 'n' roll. Yeah, that's right kiddies, the Drug Punk is back 'n' decked in black 'n' as full of spite as ever. If I've ever steered you wrong it's out of a sense of duty not duplicity and I do what I can to review everything that crosses my desk so if a record sucks, the following blurb is at least done in earnest (on my part, anyways)....

....anyway, you know yr gonna love it if a band's name is Vaguess.  Vaguess trafficks in surf slop garage blasts of genius, laying the nostalgia on heavy, quite like the much-beloved Hunx 'n' His Punx.* Sloppy, almost-4'4'-time-rhythm section, a singer who sounds like he took two too many Valium before appearing at the studio, and a guitarist who can't decide if he's Kurt Cobain or (Germs-era) Pat Smear. Fucking righteous. The fact that the singer sounds sorta (a lot) like Keith Morris or Mike Ness just makes these tunes a thousand times better.

A more sober reviewer would go into these songs individually, analyzing and dissecting, but that just ain't my way. I'm too faded on bad beer and bad pills to do anything more competent than this heer review. All I can say is that, if you've been paying attention this long (God bless), yr gonna love this garage gloop.


*If you don't love Hunx 'n' His Punx, then you probably hate things like love and sex too. I saw these fuckerz in Portland awhile ago 'n' dude was asking for tips so he could afford to go to the gay strip club down the street. Righteous. Vaguess is pretty cool too.