Friday, July 5, 2013

Peopling-Bulbout EP (2013)

Following a familiar course for noisemakers over the years, Peopling's second EP finds Ronnie progressing a bit from his debut: after all, most of us have trouble listening to pure noise for sustained periods, let alone making a career out of it. Whereas that was 9 parts all-out, aural assault to 1 part beat, Bulbout has adjusted the ratio more towards 6:4. There's still plenty of noise fuckery, especially on "Bulbouts in Bloom." But even that has a discernible, if patchy, beat fighting valiantly with the aural fuzz for room on the mix. The opener, "My Glitchy Kelly Roland," sorta reminds me of Pere Ubu's "Laughing." There's the same tension present, between the puerile desire to offend and a more measured attempt at making a collage out of different found sounds. Not bad for a 3-song sophomore effort, indeed.

Check out "Bulbout," and BUY IT, here.

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