Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Band in Heaven-s/t 7" (2012)

The Band in Heaven's at it again, this time with a proper vinyl release of their "Seven Minutes in Heaven" material by Hozac Rex. The first two songs should be familiar to Drug Punk readers-I posted on the Seven Minutes in Heaven tape a few months ago. The third one, "Sludgy Dreams," is a sorta chopped 'n' skrewed remake of "Sleazy Dreams."

Since the first two songs have already been released, the question is whether the alternate take on "Sleazy Dreams" warrants buying the record. I'd say yes, especially if the "Seven Minutes" EP is outta print. It's completely different, indeed, a slogging, fogged out concoction whereas "Sleazy Dreams" felt like a sick mixture of garage and industrial. Slowed down to sludge metal levels, the song floats in a syrupy haze, with the vocals taking on a mantra quality.

But don't take my word for it, check out "Sludgy Dreams" via the faintly disturbing video BIH just dropped: "Sludgy Dreams."

Cop the 7" from Hozac, or via the Band in Heaven's bandcamp page.

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