Friday, February 10, 2012

Raspberry Bulbs-Finally Burst demo (2009)

"I was a teenage zombie..." pt. 4 (in an occasional series)
 Two (unrelated) stories.
The first time I traveled abroad was to Athens, Greece in 2006. Not knowing what ouzo was, I drank half a fifth of this foul liquorice-flavored Greek 151 my first night there. After stumbling around the tourist-trap areas of the town for a few hours, I passed out in a puddle of my own vomit somewhere near the Choreigic monument, and woke up to find a junkie trying to lift my (empty) wallet. When confronted, he mumbled some nonsense about trying to "get clean in Thessaloniki...." and scurried off.

The first and only time I had a house party as a highschooler was a beautiful disaster. We went through a few cases of Mickey's, godknowshowmuch weed and other downers, and generally destroyed my parents' house. I was prodded awake at 8 am the next day by a friend whispering, 'dude. The cops are outside.' Thinking this some cruel joke, I staggered to the door and was confronted by Chicago's finest. Some asshole had filed a missing persons report on one of the party's denizens, and said delinquent had been tracked to my house...there are good ways and bad ways to spend a June afternoon, and a particularly bad way is to be sitting in a CPD detainment cell 'cause one of your friends is too stupid to call home once a week.

Raspberry Bulbs is as stupid as both those stories were, but with a certain majesty only a member of Bone Awl could possibly bring to stupidity. If stories of my youthful adventures didn't sell you on this garagemetal piece of brilliance, then nuts to you!

Raspberry Bulbs lives here.

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