Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crude Thought-Demo

I just had the extreme pleasure of seeing this band play live. Generally speaking, if there's a bill full of bands you really like, the one that you don't know will either be a soundtrack to another cigarette or an out-of-left-field surprise that flips your shit. Seeing Olympia's Crude Thought fell solidly into the latter category. This is fucked up, bad attitude hardcore wrestling with a bad trip. It's fucking brilliant.

The show was a rager. I have yet to see any show that involves Hysterics (who are on tour with Crude Thought) not be a rager, so no surprises there. But the true standout of the show, and the band that I cant' seem to stop talking about, is Crude Thought. I picked up a tape copy of their demo, whose Youtube reproduction is below. This is, of course, the most alienated and degenerate method for experiencing something truly outstanding. Go get your head rocked by these fools live and then pick up a tape and be happy. I'm fucking happy.

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