Sunday, April 29, 2012

Government Warning-No Way Out EP (2006)

Nothing new today, just a great 7" of barebones, confrontational hardcore by Richmond, Virginia's much-missed Government Warning.

This was their first release, and it's still my favorite: six tracks of fast, angry hardcore. GW spearheaded the No Way! Records scene, which specialized/es in straight-ahead hardcore a la early Dischord. GW was the best, though: the guitarist manages to toss in throw-away surf riffs throughout these songs, Kenny belts 'em out like a maniac, and the rhythm section is rock solid.

My favorite songs are "Ghost Town," with its manic Adolescents-style riffing, and "Self Destruct," one of my favorite anthems for aborting .40s of malt liquor as a young'un.

I saw these guys on the "No Moderation" tour in Chicago at Albion House years ago, and they slayed. Everyone went nuts for their cover of "No Way" and some Minor Threat song-"Filler," I think, or maybe "Stand Up." I guess they got int trouble with the MRR scene police a few years ago for off color remarks. Whatever. They were a good band, and I miss 'em.


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