Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Piresian Beach-Alle Falle EP (2012)

Piresian Beach spirals further into the psychedelic ether on "Alle Falle," the follow up to the 2011 LP "Fuck Yr Mind." Zsofia and co. have been refining their sound for awhile (well, Zsofia has, anyway-I think the band is new 'uns), and moving away from rambam garage rock pummeling. "Alle Falle" is the most coherent Piresian Beach release, from the fucked up, seance-induced(?) cover to the freaked out guitar layering.

"Easter" is built around a fairly straightforward strummed acoustic guitar and drumbeat, with Zsofia intoning about, ah, Easter (I think). "Play Today" deploys tightly controlled guitar squall over a stuttering drum beat, and marks the true beginning of the EP. "People Know Nothing" almost drifts into raga territory, although I think the only instrument is a heavily pedal-addled guitar. The eponymous track, "Alle Falle," deploys guttural, sleazy guitar pulse under a rickety kick drum and echoing sound effects. "Keine Falle" is my favorite track:urgently strummed acoustic and whining electric guitar frame Zsofia's sultry moan, which is essentially another instrument.

As any Drug Punk reader probably knows, garage has been experiencing a renaissance in the last few years. Piresian Beach is part of this, but with each release Zsofia moves further away from straigthtoforward, 4-4 time rock 'n' roll, and the results are more interesting with each release. Perfect tunes for summer sun 'n' fun.

Download "Alle Falle" here.


  1. Somehow I slept on this until last night, when I snatched up this + the other Hungarian madness you've been slangin'. All I can say is thanks for this, you've made me a believer.

  2. Glad to hear you're digging the Hungarian stuff! The Fancy Dress Party LP I just posted shreds too. Cheers!