Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Cannibals-Blood and Pomade LP (2012)

Before I get to the review proper, let me say a few things about rockabilly.

First of all, greasers are badasses and there's a part of me that will always admire them. Second, this subculture is now pushing seventy, so I can safely say that we can expect nothing new from a rockabilly band. Third of all, that psychobilly craze of the early '00s was fucking stupid (anyone remember the Necromantix? That's too bad).

Anyway, Charlottesville, Virginia's Rock 'n' Roll Cannibals are at the top of the heap as far as current rockabilly goes. I never really got into psychobilly (Cramps excepted), so I'm happy that the Cannibals keep it pretty traditional on their first outing.  Scratchy, twangy guitar and dirt-simple drumming anchor the singerr, who can really belt it out, clearly shooting for Carl Perkins or Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Listening closely, you can learn a lot from the lyrics: these lessons include the best recipe for cooking babies with (parmesan cheese and spaghetti are good, apparently). "That voodoo" is probably the best song, instrumentally, although the opener gives it a run for its money.

I have to be in a very specific mood to listen to rockabilly. This mood comes upon me about twice a year, so I can't say I'll be listening to the Cannibals much, but when I do have said mood, they'll be on the turntable.

Listen to it here. Brought to you by Mellow Riot.

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