Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the interest of starting a dialogue on online file piracy...'s the text of a complaint that led to the Weird TV 2010 demo I posted last year being removed from mediafire this morning:

[Drug Punk readers: This is sort of a petulant rant, so only read further if you wanna know why you can't download the Weird TV demo anymore]

[begin email:]
 BDM user "lachandra" says: Hello, My Name is Hervé Lemaire , CEO of LeakID, I am legal representative of lemaire which does business under the name Metropolitan, Authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. You are hereby given notice valid under the DMCA copyright infringement notification requirements, 17 U.S.C.512. I am the designated agent of the owner of the copyrights of the images and audio/visual works listed below. I believe that the images and audio/visual works listed at the times cited below are being copied and distributed in a manner that has been not authorized by the owner of the copyrights, its agent or the law. All link below containing pirated versions of lemaire copyrighted works. The information in the notice is accurate, under penalty of perjury. Please remove all linksAs soon as possible, we will check them everyday. Thanks to inform us about y our actions. We appreciate your efforts toward this common goal. Very truly yours, Hervé Lemaire Leakid 15 bis rue de chateaudun 92250 La garenne colombes France 0033698211000 Contact lemaire quick -

[a list follows of about 200 French blogs and websites that shared pirated music]

To whoever lodged this complaint:

1) Do you in fact represent the members of Weird TV, who own the rights to their demo?
 2) How did you come to lump me in with hundreds of French websites sharing anime and geological textbooks, when what I shared was five or so songs by a mostly unknown Olympia, WA. punk band?
3)  Notice the melange of syntactical and typing mistakes. If you're legitimate enough to serve as the liaison between Mediafire and artists with copyright violations, then certainly you're legit enough to include indefinite articles where they're supposed to be, correct? I guess not.
4) Did you get a person to type this, or did a spambot lodge a complaint with Mediafire for you, and include French car commercials in the takedown email?
4) Fuck you generally, and fuck you in particular for not simply contacting me directly, at the email address listed on Drug Punk, explaining your request. I'm a reasonable person and respond to reason.


  1. lachandra, eh? I got DMCA'd by the same name for a Tyvek tour 7" released on a French label. My rant is here:

    Very strange ...

  2. Read this as well

  3. this herve lemaire needs to get his legs broken pronto, sites rae being destroyed because of this asshole right and left AND HE DOESN'T OWN A DAMN THING

  4. @ nrmn: thanks for that link, it's a very interesting and disturbing article.

    @Henk: Yeah. A lot of blame also lies with Mediafire for automatically taking the complainant's side, without, apparently, investigating the ownership claims. I put in a counter-claim a month ago, and those fuckers still haven't responded to me.

  5. Wrote to them this morning (Mediafire) pointing out to them that this Lemaire is not only a fraudster but making their company looking pretty silly in the process but I don't expect an answer either

  6. so confused. i'm a member of weird tv. can i help in anyway?

  7. @Lizerrd Head:
    I've figured out that LinkID, the company that reported me to Mediafire, is a company that trawls the internet looking for shared files, which it then reports as pirated to MEdiafire and other filesharing sites. As far as I can tell, they do this regardless of complaints by bands whose music is being shared.

    I apologize for the irate tone-I didn't mean to besmirch you or any of the other Weird TV folks. Mind if I repost a file of the demo? Cheers!