Thursday, August 9, 2012

Silkies-Like One demo (2012)

This barely counts as a demo, since it's only one song. So take this entry as a "new band to watch" post.

Austin, Texass' Silkies do a note-perfect take on mid-'60s girl groups with "Like One." The recording showcases the surf guitar and chant-shouted vocals. They list riot grrrl as an influence as much as groups like the Standells, so it makes sense that the singer comes close to Kathleen Hanna's bratty howl at times.

Anyways, "Like One" is a great mid-August song: get into yr bathing suit, pop a beer, and hang out pool- or beachside with the Silkies.

Listen to Silkies here. They have an EP coming out soon, so stay tuned, folks.

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