Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tiny Swimmers-Spurtin' Spirit EP (2012)

The email sending this my way concluded with this cryptic epigram:
"1 shot grain alcohol + 1 shot nyquil (red) + 1/2 bottle 5 hour energy = THE BRAIN DRAIN
drink it out of an empty shampoo bottle and you have yourself a CHACHI PITTMAN"

Er, yes. Minneapolis' Tiny Swimmers toss together psychedelic guitar riffs, bursts of distortion, and the odd synthesizer beat on their debut EP. The result is an often-confusing confection that works on some fucked up level I still can't figure out.

"Hey You Guys" makes you think they're doing some sort of videogame-core electronica mess, as it's followed by "Jimmy Stewart's Elephant Room," which is just noisy guitar and an insistent electric beat that for some reason makes me think of some Big Boys tune, maybe ""We Got Your Money" minus the mob choruses. "Hot Ass Bedroom" manages the difficult feat of combining harmonica with glitch beats. With mixed success.

Altogether it sounds like Tiny Swimmers is reaching for a sound that hasn't quite yet crystallized. Parts of this work, parts of it don't. It's worth a spin, so do it here.

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