Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Violent End-demo CS (2012)

The cover says it all: violent music with nothing but malice lurking beneath frenetic drumming and ugly, mutilated guitar riffs.

Violent End is the current darling of the Chicago punk scene: current or ex-members of Raw Nerve, Manipulation, Chronic Seizure, Vile Gash, et. al. If you know anything about those bands you can expect a similar dose of barebones, no-frills hardcore. Angry Andy from Vile Gash delivers his trademark snarl, barking out words of hate (I can't make 'em out but I'm sure the words are as violent as the music).

I don't need to say any more; if you like raw American hardcore, you'll like this.

The songs aren't separated, so it's just one big file. Deal. Check it out here. You can still buy a physical copy from Sorry State Records. Do it, now!

Violent End is playing with Hoax, Kontaminat, and NEGATIVE APPROACH on September 9th at Chicago's Cobra Lounge. It'll probably be the show of the year, so go if yr gonna be in my hometown. For more info, read this.


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  2. Thanks, dood! Tracks are:
    1. Violent End
    2. Blood Bubble
    3. F.B.O.D.
    4. Shadow of Fear
    5. Rotted Meat

  3. Saw these guys in Chicago a couple months ago with Hoax and OOZE. I seem to remember their set being pretty sick so I'll have to download this.

  4. @Rusty: Nah, got it from a friend. Still waiting on my copy of the demo.

    @Zen: Yup, they're the new heavy hitters in the chicago HC scene, along with Kontaminat. The NA show is gonna slay.