Monday, May 20, 2013

Pharmakon-Milkweed, "It Hangs Heavy" EP (2013)

I was midway through my customary Monday night bender when a friend emailed me this. Sneering, as is my wont, at any and all new musical creations, I settled in with my Heineken and awaited disappointment. Call me confuddled, dear readers, but this is one of the most evil things I've heard in quite awhile. My inner cynic tells me this is some sort of legacy of that stupid witch house craze of yester-year, but taken on its own terms, "It Hangs Heavy" digs under your skin and makes you twitchy and nervous. Imagine Khanate minus the relentless, endlessly downtuned guitar and you get the idea. As reality turns into a grey puddle, the singer will be sneering me from great heights, I'm sure.

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