Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ugly Motors-s/t CS (2013)

Yet another review I have to start by apologizing to the band for taking so long to review. This is the sort of twitchy garage rock perfect for getting wasted on a Wednesday afternoon. Crude, single-note guitar riffs, holler-yawled vocals, and drums so primitive that "ramshackle" is pretty complementary.

If you've been reading DrugPunk for any length of time, you know that's just the sort of sound we go for in these here parts. This is clearly a bunch of friends getting trashed and playing music they love: crude, stumble-bum at times, but fucking fun. And who gives a shit about the rest of it, really?-rock 'n' roll has always been about being brash enough to make a lotta noise, technical proficiency be damned.

Which is to say, Ugly Motors will be the soundtrack to many a bender around here. The wanna-be-menacing riff of "Is That a Knife in your Pocket?" is particularly appealing, especially since it dissolves into hollered dissonance every time it runs the risk of becoming something other than a, well, wanna-be-menacing riff. "My Dead Asian Brother" manages to hold it together long enough to be a well-conceived exercise in crude pop songwriting: squalling yet tuneful guitars, barely-melodic singing, and a rhythm section that discretely keeps charging ahead despite it all.

Like I said, perfect for a Wednesday afternoon bender. Start yours here!

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