Sunday, May 12, 2013

Walrus-"1990" from split 7" (2013)

It's a weird quirk of fate that every time I get a new slice of Walrus music to review, I'm too wasted to objectively assess it. That probably plays into the band's hands, but who gives a shit, right? Paul was the Walrus anyways, blame him.

This is only one track, but it's great good fun, perfect for May. The recording quality is great (by DrugPunk standards), and Walrus sounds more confident, bordering on cocky, every time in the studio. The result is a solid piece of '60s psych that is passionate enough to avoid being mere revivalism. There are some songs you just enjoy without having a whole helluva a lot to say about them, and this is one of them,

Get fucked and have fun with Walrus here.

P.S.-what's the attraction of the '90s? Seriously? I guess economically they look great from where we're at now, but goddam were they boring as watching paint dry! Seriously!

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  1. I love every post of yours!
    You're right.Who cares about '90s any more?I 've just read a guy who's making collections with songs that they remind him the atmosphere of '90s.Pfff.
    By the way you have a great blog.Thank you for the excitement to find something new that is not commercial.