Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silkies-"Walk at Midnight" (2013)

Silkies is a fun band, a good band. Partly 'cause I dig their music, partly 'cause they keep dropping single songs instead of albums. That spares your humble narrator from sitting through two sides' worth of music, giving him more time to leer at Florence's fashionistas while out for a tipple. Commendable, truly commendable.

"Walk at Midnight" finds Silkies straddling the line between garage and post-punk that Grass Widow successfully bridged. Silkies' singer sorta resembles GW's vocal section, too: she has the stoic holler of a ghost passing through yr favorite bar. Dirt-simple instrumentation, insistent and repetitive vocals: where can ya go wrong? Silkies ain't reinventing the wheel, but if you dig the Supremes as much as snide, gritty garage rock, this is up yr alley.

Silkies is playin' the NYC Popfest this Saturday, June 1st. Find a significant other, take him/her to the movies and for ice cream, then take 'em to Silkies and get yr makeout on to their tunes.

Check out their tunes here. They also do a mean pisstake on Andrea Carrol!

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