Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alone and Forsaken II: Lost Highway

Back from a crisis-induced hiatus, I bring you the second installment in the Alone & Forsaken mixtape series, which will no doubt fizzle out after this mix.

Rza, Pink Reason, Gil Scott-Heron and the Mekons all on one mix? I can hear you thinking it:  Sheer hubris, utter stupidity! Maybe, but I've been listening to this one nonstop for the past week and the songs have all woven themselves together in my brain. Love it or hate it, fuckers.

...all alone and lonely....

1. Rza-Dead Birds theme
2. Pink Reason-Dead Friend
3. The Scrotum Poles-Why don't you come out tonight?
4. My Bloody Valentine-Sometimes
5. Beach House-Turtle Island
6. Glass Cake-Foster City
7. cldscp-Sade
8. The Magnificent Arrows-If I had a little love (rehearsal take)
9. Joe Strummer-No Reason (from the Rude Boy soundtrack)
10. Α. Κωστής-Αδυνάτισα Ο Καημένος
11. Gil Scott-Heron-I'm New Here
12. Elliott Smith-2:45 am
13. The Mekons-Lost Highway

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