Thursday, October 27, 2011

Opus Null-Dagasztott semmi demo (2011)

Yes, the cover is incredibly retarded, even more so that whatcha usually see here on Drug Punk. Moving past that, this ain't too shabby at all. I know very little about Opus Null; this turned up in my inbox a few weeks ago.
These ten tracks are standard lo-fi punk fare: basic drums, fuzztone guitarlines, chanted lyrics in Magyar. Starting with "Vasutas," they throw in some wicked synth riffing that fleshes out the thrashing quite nicely.
Opus Null isn't the most original band I've ever heard, but so fucking what? I'd listen to this over Youth Attack! mysteriousguycore any day 'o' the week.

Magyar misery. For more info on Opus Null, go here.

The lyrics and song titles are in Magyar, but someone (thank you!) very kindly translated 'em for me-here they are in English, for those who care:

1. Fucking Thomas Joseph
2. ( roughly: someone who participates in public life / something that is a part of the public life )
3. Railroad worker
4. Dear Rousseau
6.Hello Furkó dot
7. Youngster
8. Fucking Fat ( geci means "cum," but in slang Hungarian uses it as "fucking" is used in English )
9. Szijjas (Proper noun? Roughly it means: someone who has a belt or something that has a belt )
10. Angular momentum

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