Sunday, October 2, 2011

Genia Tous Xaous-s/t LP (1986)

"you have to deal with it/it is the currency...."-The Clash, "Hate and War"

The first thing I read on Al-Jazeera today was coverage of another chapter in the murder of the Greek working class, so I figured I'd post the first LP by Γενιά Τους Χάους (lit. "Generation of Chaos").

The fellas in Γενιά bring us 11 well-constructed, mid-tempo goth-punk anthems addressing...well, my modern Greek dictionary is failing me on most of these song titles. They sound pretty pissed off, though, and I'd imagine early-'80s Greece could only seem like a good place in comparison with the current situation there. My guess is a song titled "Μαύρο, το χρώμα της στέρησης" ("Black, the color of deprivation"[?]) is even more relevant in 2011 than in 1986. The music's consistently good, with solid production and atmospheric guitar.

kατεβάζω/download! This is long out of print...and if you're in Athens, you should probably be smashing windows, not record-shopping, anyway.

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