Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catholic Spray/Piresian Beach LIVE, Budapest, 14.10.11

This is easily the dumbest-coolest show flyer I've ever seen. I wanna send it to my anarchist friends back in Chicago to finish burning my bridges with the political punk scene.

More important, however, is the event it advertises-
Catholic Spray is playing with Piresian Beach in Budapest tomorrow (October 14th) night. It's by far the coolest thing going on in the Danube River valley, I assure you. If I was in Hungary, I'd start my booze binge now so as to be ready for this thing.

Info for those who can't read the poster:
Trafik Klub
Mikszath ter 2.
1000 HUF

See RNR666 or [both in Magyar] for more info.



  1. thanks!
    we will send pics of this gig if you give an email adress!

    tons of past rnr666 posters here:

  2. You can send pictures to:

  3. <<< pisc are here